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Here is a nice tool for you and Mark.

â??The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.â??
â?? Mark Twain, The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain

A story about Malcolm Gladwell, I would appreciate if you read it: http://www.mywriteabookresearch.com/malcolm-gladwell-is-the-king-of-conversation-starters-and-storytelling/index.php

Those are definitely industrial country rates. I know of Indian companies (excellent) who charge less.

I believe this is cost of editing rates for USA, (Fuzzy) http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php - In my opinion, the cost of Elance worker in cheaper countries would be valued at 1/8 the cost, divide by 8. Andy

There are so many ways to be published and all manner of editing and proofreading services out there (not the same). For my books I hire independent editors. I was a magazine and book editor but for anything important a second pair of eyes is always a good thing. And other perspectives can teach you a lot on how to communicate better. Just like traveling. You can be good at it, but still learn from others, which is why you point out that good travelers talk to other good travelers and listen to their ideas.

As always, Andy provides sound and practical advice. The above article provides excellent information about proofreading (1st) and then sending a manuscript to an editor with experience in the specific subject that the editor would be reviewing.

In addition, I find the above article refreshing in regards to Andy admitting his individual shortcomings and how he would resolve them by retaining professionals. That is truly a rare attribute in this world.

Here is an interesting article on the value of book reviews on Amazon.com. http://www.ashlandcreekpress.com/blog/2013/06/20/the-magic-number-of-amazon-book-reviews-and-the-rules-of-the-road/

I am trying to learn the term for something that Mark Twain did? I watch this 10 hour or more video of him, and he would sit looking at his sentences for long periods. He would slowly cut them down until they said the most, with the least amount of words. This makes him easy to e, I sort of said to myself, this is word whipping, he is using words to whip the audience into thinking. Too many words in a thought, and people forget the big picture of the thought.

Word whipping is my term, maybe someone knows a label for short, concise prose that provoke, and demand the readers to focus.

I found this site where I can list a travel book, or expat related book http://www.expatbookshop.com/tag/expatriate/

Snowden is just one small piece in a real world game of Stratego. Leaders and regimes come and go and strategies change.

Extradition is the word and the word of the U.S.A. used to mean something. Not that long ago Thailand was given the word that the U.S.A. would like Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout returned to U.S.A. for a trial for supplying arms to BAD rebels not the good kind like in Syria. Thailand initially said no because Russia wanted him left alone or returned to Russia. He was their best salesman after all and did not want U.S.A to get details of his commissions

Well the U.S Ambassador to Thailand twisted arms and made insinuations that if they dont do as said there will be economic consequences. The USA succeeded a got Mr. Viktor Bout.

One week after Bouts extradition to U.S.A the American Ambassador to Thailand Mr. Daviss 17 year old daughter mysteriously falls from a NYC Hi-Rise.

Now Russia has another pawn. Mr. Snowden.

Will the Russians get Mr. Bout back under the guise of letting him serve his sentence in Russia and the U.S gets back Mr. Snowden and Thailand gets paid by both and all will save face ?

Its just a game played by the biggest boys. Its interesting, but dont lose any sleep over it. Here are some links to read more.



Siams gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.

Chuck WoW

Good info Tropical. Ive traveled most of my life and Im still no expert but I do have good info for beginers generally.
I know something about 3 major areas, Europe, Japan and China but for all intents and purposes there are a lot of up to date sites on line that have as good and often better info than I do.
The problem is there are millions listed and finding the ones that you think are honest is the hard part.

What I find difficult to believe is how gullible intelligent people can be. But there are always those who always want If its to good to be true it must be true??? L O L

I agree with Bill99, if one has a Security Clearance Classified and up and have signed a binding contract to that effect, they should prosecuted if they give away willingly information that damages National Security. I do not agree with the scope of the program and being an Ex Pat in Latin America for 26 years, have met and spoken with persons who were or had engaged in espionage activities during their life, serving their country, the enemies of USA are also serving their country, countries spie on each other and governments often spy on their own citizens. No more Hope and Change just SOS. As far as Truth in Travel, I stuck my neck out years ago on Travelers and Ex Pat forums warning those wishing to relocate in Costa Rica that many travel portals advertising tourism and relocation services in Costa Rica were managed by Real Estate cons and that the $200 a day relocation tours led by a long term Costa Rican resident and his honest Costa Rican Lawyer were a scam, I found online a number of native Costa Rican Driver-Owner of Vehicle-Guides who would take singles and couples/triples around avoiding tourist traps and Real Estate scammers, I taught people how to use the classified section of Spanish language dailys such as La Nacion instead of the English language Ex Pat newspaper to rent or purchase coops, land and or vacation homes directly from owner, aided by a bi lingual guide instead of being hustled by a young American or Canadian Real Estate Agent with no licence, backed by a shady local lawyer or sleazy Ex Pats making 100 profit or more flipping land. A few years ago found an Honest portal, written by along term Costa Rican resident with no interest in selling land www.therealcostarica.com after posting this information on Couchsurfings Central America group..oops up pops two posts (that are still there) that I was psychotic and worse along with vieled threats from a native Costa Rican that I was trashing CR, etc. Down this way, in Central America, lots of people go on vacations, some to 4 and 5 Star Resorts along the Beach and get tropical fever and decide to move Way Down south, A Canadian lady told me she spent $1,000 USD on a 5 Day relocation tour and seminars this did not include her $85 a day hotel, meals and of course RT air Transportation, she came home broke and bitter. I had warned her, I realize some have to learn the hard way, I often have. Today there is more and more information out there, more forums where you can contact persons traveling to or relocating in your own target destination and some Good not Bad nor Ugly Ex Pats who will give the right information, pro or con, travel writers are nothing but Advertising Men and Women in disguise, I travel wrote for a short time in early 1990s, always getting a free room and meals and commissions out of the deal Good PR. Liars on line can also be very nasty, so tread with caution and keep spreading the honest word! I give a lot of advice and advice is cheap 5 cent to 25 cent variety, bottom line, want to travel long term, start with step one, pack your bag or pack and start traveling after you have done all the research you could on line, bring an up to date Guidebook specific to your destinations, country, city or region and if planning to relocate, retire or volunteer long term travel to your target destination first and make connections! Keep a low profile, dont act needy or wind up giving your itinerary to con artists in Gringo watering holes, dont brag and never whine nor get angry in public!!!! Quietly find an Ex Pat or native mentor. Go for it. Learn the local language! A must!

Tioga, I also do not always agree with our government but I also do not agree with people who contribute, maybe unknowingly, to the enemies of our country.
Times have changed dramatically with the world wide net and obviously a lot of info is at risk regardless how well governments try to protect it.
But that does not mean I want my countrymen giving it away, especially, when in the end it will finacially often pay them well.
Its basically treason, period. I hope they take him to trial, convict and then shoot him.
But now China has let him loose and Russia will certainly not cooperate so well see how this all plays out.
Maybe hell have a horrible accident wherever he ends up.
Former Marine, F**+ Traitors!

I strongly disagree with your words about Snowden, for this reason:
If a person with a job like Snowdens job. believes his government is doing wrong, what is he to do?
* Tell his supervisors that they are doing wrong?
* Write to the President protesting NSA wrong doing?
* Get drunk?
* Write to newspapers?

Snowden did the right thing. The ACLU believes in Snowden, and is defending him. I just donated an extra $100 to ACLU to fight our completely rotten government.

BTW, I voted for Obama. I believed his campaign lies. But no more!

George Lehrer

I made that mistake years ago when I wanted to go to a Caribbean Island for the 1st time. Internet was just starting to grow then and I researched and decided to go to Aruba a great Euro Danish island.
Much more American than Euro. Yhey prefer the dollar, everyone spoke English and the vast majority of tourist were American.
Travel writers at that time all wrote how wonderful the Euro culture was. Danish culture and food were minimal.
It was a warm, clean, friendly people and inexpensive place to visit but you might as well go to Hawaii or Florida as they have more foreign culture than Aruba.
I never believed a travel writer ever since other than Andy.

Wow. Lavinia Spalding really captivated my interest. I had never thought about travel and people in that way. Thanks so much for sharing that presentation. It really made me think.

One of the worlds great writers. He makes you really feel as if you are there or at the very least wish you were.
Ive read about 33 of his works and have never been diappointed.

There is a real stupid/funny, whatever comercial on TV lately.
It hits the spot relating to this article: A man is talking with a girl
and asks her how she knew something about something.
He replies, how do you know its true?
She answers, because I read it on the internet
and the internet cant lie.

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Your first book defines who you are and what you will be remembered for a decade or more if you put your all into it and its great, but of course for many authors neither of those things is true. For most its better to think of a first book as a minimum viable product as defined in the book The Lean Startup. Its something to float out and see if theres a real market for what you have to say. If it sells well to your tribe, you put out a better edition. If it doesnt you move on to another idea.

For me The Worlds Cheapest Destinations was my first book and it sold much better than I expected. I am now on the 4th edition of it as of January. Soon after its release I started the Cheapest Destinations Blog, one of the original budget travel blogs. The book gets media attention for the blog, which sells more books, and the circle keeps going. I went on to do two other travel books with traditional publishers and sold some foreign rights of this one for a nice chunk of change. For me the first book was a springboard to bigger and better things later. See more about my other projects at the Tim Leffel portfolio site.

I have gone to a lot of places like that.Just little America. LOL. But I try to know in advance a little what to expect. I actually travel to meet nice people and see beautiful surroundings so I would have liked it.
Never go to Hawaii to see native Hawaiians or people as they were on Waikiki in about 1930. It does not exist now. Florida or California would be a lot cheaper and easier.
I kind of like the Philippines and Australia. Not much artificial about either place. Just ordinary people doing ordinary things. And a whole lot of really nice scenery. A little hard to understand some of the Australian language but you can make it out with a little concentration. Just British with an Aussie accent.
I like the Philippines because I can rub elbows with the Filipino girls and visit with a lot of ex military Americans. I never get homesick there. Just pop into any night club or beach resort cafe and there are bound to be several Americans sipping suds and enjoying a bit to eat.
Phil J

I would have probably set up a travel blog if this whole internet thing had been available starting in the 60s. Now I figure if I have anything I consider worthwhile info I will place it here and possibly a couple of other sites. This now is my main site for travel.
Early on I experienced travel pros? to often be liars or at the very least they would not tell the whole truth. They would conveniently leave out info that would have made me change my mind about visiting some areas.
But it did eventually make me a more experienced and honest traveler. Now if I am asked about a place that I know well I give out as much info as I can, the good, the bad and the ugly. Whats amusing is they often ignore what I tell them when it comes to the bad and ugly and go there anyway because they will say, But our travel agent and Joe down the block, etc says this is a great place to go, etc. When they return they either live in denial or come clean and tell me , Sorry Bill, you were right. Oh well.

As an example my first trip to the Caribbean I went to Aruba. A fine, clean, good food, good beaches and activities, exceptionally friendly natives and all the good things you can imagine.
I enjoyed the trip only because I met a lovely lady there and we enjoyed doing things together for 10 days.
But what is the problem with Aruba? Their site banned me after a week back home.
I went there because I wanted both a Caribbean and the Dutch flavor on my trip. I might as well went to Florida, Hawaii, Malibu, Gulf Coast. The island should be considered for Statehood, It is so American other than the friendly people and food. They prefer dollars, everyone living there speaks very good English as it is required in school, there are all kinds of condo shares filled with Americans, the beaches, clubs, restaurants, etc all are mostly Americans. I felt as if I never left home, It was disappointing and I said so. There were a few Europeans and Japanese, very few.
Double, triple check where you want to go if you have special expectations so you wont get there and be angry.

This reminded me of some of he feeling from A Passage to India. Sometimes life forces us to come to grips with reality and our feelings. It can be really catastrophic for some people. And excruciatingly emotionally painful.
I am a little afraid I try to look on the bright side almost to a fault. LOL
Phil J

Makes me miss Panajachel. LOL. The hippie dippie chicks are a lot of laughs. Good Pizza too.

sites like peopleperhour can be good for finding proof readers for cheap

A proof reader can be anywhere on the planet. Why advertise in Woo Woo Land?

Ps. How much are you paying to act as an editor or proof reader?

I need what I call Editor Polisher and Proofreaders for books I am writing. Call, 1-260-624-4414. Andy Graham