Travel Is The Real Information Superhighway

It is the time for you to write, you can write about what you do, done, or did, or just what you read about?

Travel is the Real Information Superhighway

Writers need to make a choice.

1. Write about what they read?
2. Write about what they did? 


Travel is a way of communicating with the world, we actually put our body into the experience. A book, the Internet, is a simulation of an experience, and always calls for passive voice…

It seems hard to call yourself an expert when you only read....

It has come to my attention, while engage in conversations with highly educated and well-read humans:

“They cannot differentiate real from virtual experiences.”

They had a feeling when the read a travel destination on the Internet. There is also the actual feeling of going to the destination.

People strangely put the same value on reading as actual experiences, as if they know, because the read it on the Internet?

I often have to ask people,
“Did you go there?”
The often say,
“No, I read about it.”

Feelings are real, and a good book could indeed be more real than reality. At least in the mind eye, but caveat emptor when listing to what people say,
“Do not buy what people say!”
“Only what they do, did, or done.”

Andy Graham
“a life worth living.”

The superhighway is real experience, not virtual.

Write about what you really did, not what you read about, be a doer, not a just a reader, or life is just hearsay.

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There is a real stupid/funny, whatever comercial on TV lately.
It hits the spot relating to this article: A man is talking with a girl
and asks her how she knew something about something.
He replies, how do you know its true?
She answers, because I read it on the internet
and the internet cant lie.

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