The Company We Keep

Do you have a favorite saying? Are there idioms you say regularly? These words of wisdom are our protection against the clever new world.

The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

“The company we keep?”

You may think of me as a,
However, most new ideas are a
“Flash In The Pan.”
It is my worry, that the world is going
“Hell in a Handbasket.”
And, maybe I am,
“Beating Around The Bush.”
But I am sincere, I do not want people to
“Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket.”
“This is the last straw,“
The Internet often takes us
“Up a blind alley.”
“Go The Extra Mile”
“Hit The Books.”
“The Ball Is In Your Court.”

Often we want believe in the
“New kid on the block,”
However, the Internet, Facebook, and Google are
“Not Playing With a Full Deck.”
Do not
“Turn A Blind Eye.”

At the end of the day, it is all these small phrases that will protect you and yours against dumb, dumber, and dumber. However, difficult to learn on the Internet, Google, Facebook, or Twitter, so "Hit the Books."

Happy New Years 2014

Andy Graham

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