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It is my belief, that anyone can write a book. It is my belief, that anyone can hire an editor, and proofreader. makes it easy to hire them, however, do we really know if they are capable of doing the work?



I have written one book, and generally, I am incapable of writing without incredible amounts of errors, really there is no need to be specific, my writing is open to all types, there is no bias.

Yet, I receive hate mail on a regular basis, which is one sort of test of my writing skills, maybe the best?

To me, this is an enigmatic situation, how can I, a person that is blind to almost every type of writing errors find copy editors? Yes, I can test them, but that means little to me, i still do not know if they are doing good work; there is a need for an editor, to check the editor.

Working through this is frustrating, as of today, November 30, 2014, and after finishing one book, and working on another, there is still no resolution. My next strategy is to have three of them, and somehow get them to work against each other, to create a challenge, they need to explain their skills.

To create an online area, where they edit, other editors see their edits, and maybe comment.

This is good fun, and intriguing to me, because in the end, many an editor believe he, or she is the writer, not the editor.

Here is a test in the members area, you must join, so we can share this privately.

Andy Lee Graham in Antalya, Turkey, there was no editing done above, in fact, I did not even do a re-read.

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