My Sadness for Writers Who Cajole Their Brains for the Novel Thoughts

The desire to write, does not make a a writer, it may be more correct to find the person who needs to write.

I do not possess an explanation, I do not know why I write, but the other day in jest, if not by accident, my subconscious mind explained to my conscious mind one possible reason. I blurted out a brutish reason at a coffee shop here in Guatemala, too many vulgar words for paper, too cheeky were my spoken words as an explanation. Therefore, I will paraphrase, an edited version...

Marco Polo

"I write because I need to write, as if to remove a bad taste in my mouth, I need to spit out words, I have no choice, I must relieve myself of the thoughts."
- Andy Graham in Cristalina Coffee Shop San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

However, today with another insight, while watching a film about Marco Polo (2007), a wanna be writer said,

"all of my life I have had to cajole my brain to come up with adventures, characters, love stories, to fill this damn empty sheet with the contents of a head just as empty."
- Marco Polo Movie 2007

I heard these words spoken --- I have seen many a writer searching for a voice, searching for a story, it is with great sadness I observe their quest for words, while I cannot stop myself from spitting. I hope they find their story, and each day, I need to relieve myself of words, what an intriguing and enigmatic thing the mind is, there is always an adventure film playing within my mind.

Thank the good Gods, and with sadness, I hope other writers learn to spit.

Andy Graham

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