Job Description for Editor Proofreader Needed by Andy Graham

I need 3-5 editors / proofreaders, I am Andy Graham and want to write 2-3 book per year, I do the rough book, the 3-5 editors do the polishing.


I am Andy Lee Graham, from the USA, I am the writer of the travel blog, one of the most famous travel blogs on the Internet.

I am a proven writer, and have tens of thousands of regular readers, and hope to write 2-3 very well edited, and proofed books per year. Although I am a proven commodity, a well known, and popular writer, I am incapable of seeing simple problems that are poking readers in the eye.

And, in many ways, I am dyslexic, which makes me twist words in strange ways, sometimes I do it for style, with a terse tone, but other times it was a simple mistake.

I want to concentrate on research, style, tone, congruency and weaving a book worth reading, I want to do what I am good at, and stop worryng whether the finished product is good enough to publish as a book.

I can easily, effortlessly write 1-3 books per year, if I could just write them rough, and someone would fix them up, polish them, and wanted to understand me, my style, and my tone, and be my friend along the path.

I have over 12 books in progress, it time to rise above the travel blog, and write books, I am ready.

I want people who can remove my dylexic problems, tone done the direct push, provocotive, prying opionions of people, and make them indirect, so the do not feel insulted when they know it is them I am writing about.

Generally just take my work in rough, and smooth it out, making it music, without removing my tone and style, but removing the enemies of writing, phrase that make pause for no reason. Or me, making too direct, too terse, and non politically correct phrases that make peope too feel too much, and they stop reading. I want my readers to feel, think, and help them change, but it is best when the thoughts all come together slowing in their mind, and not words being used as hatchets.

The major problems with Editors.

1. They believe they can write the book better than me, as if I am working for them, and they know the theme of the book, they overstep their job position.

2. They have no control over their time, and I am always waiting for a chapter to be returned, so I can go onto the next one, or they do it 90 percent, and not 100 percent, as if they can get to it later.

3. The treat me like I should know i made the grammar error, and why do I make them?

4. The are greedy, they believe themselves to be writing experts, to know how to write a book, and need to get paid tons of money. Even though they have never written a book, do not even have a style of their own, or an audience. This is a job, and many people on the planet can fix grammar, I want a grammar and proofreading editor, not a style coach.

5. They want me to work around all their personal problems, listen to them, and this depresses me, and gives me writers block, I must remain happy, the editor / proofer needs to have stress free lives. They need to have too much time on thier hands, and want a new project, the person needs time to muse, and amuse, and understand, and think about the bird in the sky.

I believe the ideal editor would be a person with almost nothing pressing to do, an ex-school teacher, sitting in Kansas, rather bored, that understands my jokes, respect me, this would be ideal. Yet, this person is a stickler for detail, and is wealthy, cannot leave something unfinished, needs to see completion, with too much time on their hands, but got tired of teaching English because the children are not serious. This person would be hungry to find a person like me, full of ideas about the world, but allows me to be me, and them, them, without wanting to change me.

Most professional proofreaders want the work to come to them about 5 times better than I am capable of producing, and do not want to do any heavy lifting, they want to do the proofreading my mother could do. This can be number 5, maybe 4 in line, but not number one or two editor. I produces so much, I can write so much, it takes 2-3 editors to stay up with the noise being made.

But, again, I need 3-5, give to one chapter, then I would give them sequentially to the next editor, and they move down the line until out pops a wonderful book.

Wanna be proofreaders need to have computer skills, and verbal skills to talk with me on Skype, this is not a hide in the box job, it is up front, and personal, you and me are going to friends, and work through the time differences. I cannot send the editors paper copies, I am in Africa now, and somewhere else soon, I need to send digital copies, and discuss the books on If the proofreader / editor tells me, he or she is too busy, well, they are right, they are too busy to work with me, this job is more involved than just a hack.

Truly a frustration for me, I cannot see the problem to even know if a proofreader did a good job, I must have a proofreader or editor to check the editor.

Fun and frustrations.

Thanks for listening, the more I write what I want, the closer I am to finding the person to help me write great books full of dreams of way off places, on the other side of the planet, where the rainbow ends, and the wonderlust life begins.

If all of this sounds like fun, and you are 100 percent sure you know grammar inside and out, then click here to apply.

After you complete the application, then call me: +1-260-624-4414


Andy Graham in West Africa

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