Interviewing Offshore Editors Proofreaders for Job

How to interview offshore editors and proofreaders for a job?

Hiring offshore workers is a challenge.

You are going to need to receive 50 job applications to find one worker.

It is important you hire a person, and not a company, changing offshore workers for any reason cost more money than you save.

We have an online Jobs Application form for prospective candidates:
Job Application Each person needs from a country that has capability, you do not want to pay employees with Western Union.

English Countries

How to interview people from other countries?


5 Important Job Applicant Priorities

1. The job candidate needs to be able to communicate great, not just good, but great.

2. Good English is needed, not a want, it is a need, if you are an English speaker.

3. The job candidate needs to have a computer, full time Internet connection, and cell phone, Skype account, and normally best if the use either a or account.

4. The candidate does not need special education degrees, that is an extra, a bonus.

5. You are going to send them a test to see if they are capable of doing the job.


10 Things to Do for Testing Offshore Job Applicants


1. Does the person answer the questions on job application correctly, did the understand the questions? Did the complete the form?

2. Test send an obscure type of e-mail, one that is not clear, maybe you want to say in the subject line - This is Andy Please write back.

I want them to read English e-mails great, communication skills is the first priority, they need to be able to sort though English e-mails quickly, if English is their second language. Often job candidates will completely ignore English e-mails, do not worry, that is OK, you do not want that person.

3. Job Candidates Voice Mail: When you call the job candidates telephone number, the message should identify who he or she is, if their is no empathy, if the voice mail does not say,
"This is Joe Smith, please leave... message. etc."
It is poor communications, this is OK, you do not want anonymous people who are difficult to reach, or have no empathy for you. The candidate needs to intuitively help you to communicate with them.

4. Timely Reply: The job candidate needs to reply within 24 hours of sending an e-mail, your business cannot function slower, it is too tiresome to deal with employees who are not available.

5. Typing and Spelling is Important!

6. Call the person test: 80 percent of offshore job applicants fail at this point, he or she cannot speak English.

7. Ask them to call you, this is a test to see if they have money to live, and if they know how to make an international telephone call.

8. Send a test, and ask them to send back in 24 hours, 50 percent of your candidates will think this is unreasonable, but you must test them, why employ a person who cannot prove they have value.

9. Ask yourself, do you like the person. It is incredible, how many people ignore the most simple thing, do you want to talk with this person, is the person fun to discuss things, or is this a blah situation?

10. Chat on, send them your Skype address, and see if the connect, then see how fast they can type on

Work Hours

We require the person be on line with during work hours, and you need to connect once in awhile, to insure they working.

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