I Naturally Need To Spit Out Words

Writing a book is easy, when you need to spit out words, finding editors to clean up the mess can be confusing.

March 14, 2016, I am sitting here in bed typing on my computer, and old friend, comrade, a partner in my war against the world. It seems the world demands to confuse people, and my job is to clarify.

Yet, less be frank, the person who is benefited the most by writing is not reader, it is me, it is selfish act, I share with readers. I need to spit, there are words caught in my brain, tangled up by confusions, only by spitting them out can I relieve the pain they cause.

Writing is easy, yet critique, those with no desire to engage in real battle, stand back and throw comments.

I despise Michael Moore, a person who is defined by who, or what he insults, a very base way of becoming famous, at the expense of others... but, look at him, he does not represent the best of mankind, so we must allow him to exist.

The mind does not need words to understand, it needs words, hopefully kind ones to explain ourselves to others.

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