How to Find Editor Polishers and Proofreaders on Lake Atitlan Guatemala

I am looking for, and have found a couple of Editors Polishers, and a few proofreaders on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


I am presently in the village of San Pedro, it located on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, or more properly called "Lago Atitlan," in Spanish. Well, this is stressful, I want to finish my first book, and truly have no known simple path to the completion, it is a SNAFU situation. You know this acronym, Situation Normal, All F#%ked Up, it comes from the military, go figure they would come up with this term.

The irony about searching for writing help, is people will say,
"This has grammar problems."
"This has spelling problems."

Or worst, they are more than willing to say,
"I disagree with what you wrote."

The help, the wanna be editors, proofreaders often seem smug, and few have written books, so they too are often on uncharted waters. More or less, totally willing to tell me how to write, without having navigated these waters before.

TMF -Too Much Fun, maybe TMI - Too Much Information

Let me think, if they say,
"This has grammar problems."
I reply,
"That is why I am trying to hire you."

TMF, and truly the normal problems with life, there is almost, it is normal, I mean generally when I ask a question, or request help, they want me to not need help, and how does the mind of that kind of man work?

I am in "Woo Woo" land, a place where misfits thrive, it is called Lago Atitlan, and I am here, so I better take care with how I stereotype the people. Well, generally Woo Woo people talk funny, they talk about God, but refuse to label it God, they tell you they are open, but get angry when you say something they disagree with, in a way, the pick at everything, I say, think, do, or, you know write.

Go figure, that is exactly what I am looking for, people who pick at how I think, and write, with no mercy.

Lago Atitlan is not business school, it is the liberal arts school, maybe music majors, the artsy fartsy group, the granola for lunch bunch, woo woo at it epitome, this is an epicenter for confused brilliance.

Actually, I love the hippie chicks, dreads, tattoos with tramp stamps, just have not figure out how to find the path there either, I am thinking of a tattoo. I am 56, it cannot hurt me now, I am above the tornado's of business problems.

Who am I?
I have written over 6000 travel Blog post in my life, I have written too many journal entries to not know my limitations.

How to find Editors / Proofreaders on Lake Atitlan?

It is the who, when, where, why, what and how marketing plan.

I bought a printer for 30 USD, opened up a Word document, and wrote.

Book Proofreader

Editor Needed

I am Andy Lee Graham of

Please e-mail me at X


Call Guatemala Number at: 4122-9546


I am in the Hotel San Antonio room 5, in San Pedro on Lago Atitlan.

I printed that above, and posted it on all the bulletin boards I could find, and when they called, I met them. At least 30 percent could not connect, but remember, I am in Woo Woo Land, not get it done land.

Did I get all the interrogatives, did I empathize with the needs of the Woo Woo's?

TMF, this is good fun, and I love the mind of man, it has truly lost the plot.


1. Write an Advertisement using all the W's.

2. Post it on bulletin boards.

3. Wait for a telephone call.

4. Set up an appointment

5. Send them one chapter for markup, proofreading, editing etc.

6. Make sure you do a truly sloppy job to start, send them some truly weak proses.

7. Now, send it to another writer, or editor or proofreading, and remember, the reason why you need Editors and Proofreaders is because you are not good at doing this type of work. Or, if you are me, you cannot be bothered, to stall on this stuff.

Truly the interesting thing I have learned, it takes me 30-60 minutes to write a chapter, and it takes them between two and four hours to proof, rewrite, fix, and make desirable to readers.

The Future: The page you are reading is easy to edit, there is a link to the right, and in the future proofreader will be paid to click on edit, fix this type of page, and save. And, I do hope we have a revert function, whereby we can undo the SNAFU's. But the goal is to take average writers, and put them into the proofreading, and editor machine, and their good idea will pass the grade.

I have found one truly great editor, and I am grateful. However, I believe for the amount of noise I can make in a day, I need 2-5 polishing editors, and maybe 10 proofreaders. Thereby, I can write, and not worry about the polishing.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham in the Hotel San Antonio, in the village of San Pedro on Lake Atitlan in the country of Guatemala.
June 2012

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Neil V

A proof reader can be anywhere on the planet. Why advertise in Woo Woo Land?

Ps. How much are you paying to act as an editor or proof reader?

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