How Important is Your First Book? The Pros and Cons?

The first book you label you as a writer? It his a real problem, or just imagined, the pros and cons of the importance of the first book you write.

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The mission of this site is the research:
"How to write a book?"

The question is posed:
"How important is the first book an author writes?" 

Opinion of Tim Leffel

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Worlds cheapest Destination

Your first book defines who you are and what you will be remembered for a decade or more if you put your all into it and its great, but of course for many authors neither of those things is true. For most its better to think of a first book as a minimum viable product as defined in the book The Lean Startup. Its something to float out and see if theres a real market for what you have to say. If it sells well to your tribe, you put out a better edition. If it doesnt you move on to another idea.

For me The Worlds Cheapest Destinations was my first book and it sold much better than I expected. I am now on the 4th edition of it as of January. Soon after its release I started the Cheapest Destinations Blog, one of the original budget travel blogs. The book gets media attention for the blog, which sells more books, and the circle keeps going. I went on to do two other travel books with traditional publishers and sold some foreign rights of this one for a nice chunk of change. For me the first book was a springboard to bigger and better things later. See more about my other projects at the Tim Leffel portfolio site.  

Opinion of Wade Shepard

An author's first book, if successful, sets the tone of what is to come and be expected from them. It essentially defines them as a writer. In a way, the first successful book in a pigeon hole that the author falls into. So it's my opinion that the first book should be of a type that you want to be known for producing. If you want to be a "how to writer" then write a how to book; if you want to be "non-fiction writer," then do that; if you want to be a "travel writer" then establish yourself as such. It's funny how we regard these niche boundaries so highly, as there isn't really any reason why authors can't cross over successfully. But the fact of the matter is that very few actually do. It's amazing how often authors of successful books are just expected to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and can't find traction in other areas. 

- Vagabond Journey

Opinion of other book Writers

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