Editing and Proofreading Process Step by Step

The step by step process of editing and proofreadinga book.

Editing and Proofreading Process Step by Step

"Nobody that is proofreading should every be looking at computer screen."
- Levi G.
(What do you think, is this true?)

Weighing the players computer skills is maybe the biggest challenge to writing a book, staring with the simplest situation whereby the Author and Editor live close, and copies can be walked over, and face to face conversations are possible.


Knowledge Level Checklist:

1. Skype.com

2. Google Docs

3. Microsoft Word

4. Attache a file

5. How big is the file question.

6. Grammar Checkers

7. Abilty to use a printer

8. Bandwidth available to Author or Editor

9. Time available to Author or Editor


Steps of Version II --- Ghostwriter

1. The author reads chapter one into a recorder.

2. Ghostwriter writes out the chapter.

3. Complete book compiled.

3. Sent to version II or III

Steps of Version II --- Writer is capable of writing, but needs a 50 percent rephrasing, maybe rewrite.

1. Raw Edit: Not concerned with small errors: Trying to put the writing into a consistent form, the emphasis is on form, and not on trying to clean all the grammar and spelling errors.

The whole book needs done here, before given to a series of proofreaders.

2. Proofing Edit: Print book on papers, then allow the person to go through and mark up with yellow highlighter..

3. Edti Computer Page: Take the marked up paper copies and repair on the computer master draft.

4. Print out 3-4 more copies, then give to trusted proofreaders.

Steps of Version III --- This is for the author who has the abilty to write grammtically correct 95-100 percent of the time.

1. Author - Writes the book in total
2. Author - Rearranges Chapters
3. Editor -  Rearranges Chapters and makes table of contents. 
4. Author - Rewrite by author
5. Friends read and critique.
6. Author - Corrections and changes.
7. Editor - full copy edit (line edit)
8. Author - corrects, proofreads
9. 1st Proofreader- Proofreading
10. 2nd Proofreader - Proofreading
11. Author - Proofreading
12. Editor - Proofreading
13. Designer - layouts, design and
14. Ebook file converstion
15. Author - proofread completed files
16. 2 Other People - proofread
17. Published


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