The step by step process of editing and proofreadinga book.

Editing and Proofreading Process Step by Step

"Nobody that is proofreading should every be looking at computer screen."
- Levi G.
(What do you think, is this true?)

Weighing the players computer skills is maybe the biggest challenge to writing a book, staring with the simplest situation whereby the Author and Editor live close, and copies can be walked over, and face to face conversations are possible.


Knowledge Level Checklist:


2. Google Docs

3. Microsoft Word

4. Attache a file

5. How big is the file question.

6. Grammar Checkers

7. Abilty to use a printer

8. Bandwidth available to Author or Editor

9. Time available to Author or Editor


Steps of Version II --- Ghostwriter

1. The author reads chapter one into a recorder.

2. Ghostwriter writes out the chapter.

3. Complete book compiled.

3. Sent to version II or III

Steps of Version II --- Writer is capable of writing, but needs a 50 percent rephrasing, maybe rewrite.

1. Raw Edit: Not concerned with small errors: Trying to put the writing into a consistent form, the emphasis is on form, and not on trying to clean all the grammar and spelling errors.

The whole book needs done here, before given to a series of proofreaders.

2. Proofing Edit: Print book on papers, then allow the person to go through and mark up with yellow highlighter..

3. Edti Computer Page: Take the marked up paper copies and repair on the computer master draft.

4. Print out 3-4 more copies, then give to trusted proofreaders.

Steps of Version III --- This is for the author who has the abilty to write grammtically correct 95-100 percent of the time.

1. Author - Writes the book in total
2. Author - Rearranges Chapters
3. Editor -  Rearranges Chapters and makes table of contents. 
4. Author - Rewrite by author
5. Friends read and critique.
6. Author - Corrections and changes.
7. Editor - full copy edit (line edit)
8. Author - corrects, proofreads
9. 1st Proofreader- Proofreading
10. 2nd Proofreader - Proofreading
11. Author - Proofreading
12. Editor - Proofreading
13. Designer - layouts, design and
14. Ebook file converstion
15. Author - proofread completed files
16. 2 Other People - proofread
17. Published


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