Book Editing and Proofreading Fees

What are the standard book editing and proofreading fees? And is there such a thing, maybe it is better to just work with people you trust.



List of Book Editing Problems
Awkward Phrasing
Capitalization Errors
Clarity and Sense
Grammatical Choices
Minor Grammatical Errors
Overall Structure
Plot Consistency
Punctuation Errors
Sentence Structure
Structural Choices
Tie Up Loose Ends
Word Choice


"Proofreading - 1.2 cents per word
Full Edit - 2 cents per word 
Rewrite - 3-8 cents per word"


"Fee for Book Editing & Proofreading
The fee for book editing and proofreading is between $.017 and $.018 per word."


Forum Answers - More or less the people want between 15-55 dollars per hour, and often do estimates to find the correct per word book editing fee.




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