Book Covers - How to design book cover that sells books?

The marketing department, maybe can design a great book cover, if you can convince them to read the book, and love the book, but that is doubtful.

A great book cover can sell a bad book.

Front cover contents may usually be:
For novels, the novel title in large letters, author name, tagline and symbol of publisher (in corner)

Back cover (also called 'lower cover') contents may usually be:
For novels, a back cover text or teaser that gives a hint of the story in an attractive way.
        A picture of the writer.
        A summary

Notes for a Book Cover

"1. Your product must be bold and eye-catching and conspicuously different from everyone else’s, but 2. Not too much!"

Goals of a Book Cover

1. Make the "Marketing Department Happy."
1. Photo explanation of the theme of book.
2. Tempt the reader to buy.
3. Able to be read from 10 feet away.
4. Catch the eye of someone looking at a shelf of books.
5. Piggyback on intuitive presumptions that the prospetive buyer already know about the same genre of books. It needs to look the same.

Type of Book Covers


Debates About Designing a Book Cover

1. Should you be able to read the book cover title from 10 feet away?
2. Does a book sold on need a different cover than one sold in a bookstore? 
3. Why a book cover for a genre of a books, needs to stay similiar.

Wikipedia on "Book Covers."



Book Covers

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