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Malcolm Gladwell is the King, he writes books everyone will be talking about for days, weeks, and month. When he tells a story, people stop to listen.

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Here is a test, maybe best you test yourself first, you must go into the members only area.

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Do you have a favorite saying? Are there idioms you say regularly? These words of wisdom are our protection against the clever new world.

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Video with Lavinia Spalding, who is committed to breaking down cultural borders and helping create a more tolerant world through travel writing

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One of the greatest travelers of all time is James A. Michener. Here is a video biography of his life.

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It is the time for you to write, you can write about what you do, done, or did, or just what you read about?

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There is no reason I can anticipate, that would not allow a writer to embed videos into an e-book here, now, or in the future.

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By writing the Andy HoboTraveler.com Travel Blog for 10 years, I have given myself a gift, the correlation of truth, with reality as possible.

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The desire to write, does not make a a writer, it may be more correct to find the person who needs to write.

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